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The Keenspace Curse strikes again

If you're reading your webcomics early in the morning, you'll find that many keenspace-hosted comics aren't responding, and according to The Belfry's Keenspace Tracker, the server itself is not responding. Of course, this had to happen on Online Comics Day. If Murphy's Law applied as effectively in the physical world as on Keenspace's servers, The Netherlands and Mexico would both be invaded by evil foreign powers today.

Still, it's early. I'm sure the brilliant Kisai is e'en now pounding away at the servers trying to figure out what has gone wrong, and fix it. And by the time American readers fall out of their beds, things will be hunky dory again. Have faith, little server!

[Update: Keenspace came back some time in the afternoon (CET), with the comics updated, and all is well again.]

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Shit poo bugger bum, I haven't updated my mirror site! :P


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