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Random quotes

Blogging is going to be light here in the next few days, because I haven't even got near my goal of finishing 5 pages of ROCR this week, like I really ought to do every week that I'm not working on a well-paid project so I can build up a buffer for when I am. So far, I haven't completed 3 since Friday, despite the help I got from Yonaka.

I have a lot I want to blog about, but it'll have to wait. I will, however, stop to recommend Spike's blog which is full of hyperbolic praise of myself and fascinating stories of mummified rats, and to ask about any good Moveable Type plugins that may be used to pull random quotes from a file and display them as the tagline to this blog. Spike's blog has a few neat ones that I'd love to use, and I keep finding them in other places as well. I'm sure they exist, but which are any good?

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Never tried it, but it looks like this is what you want: http://mt-plugins.org/archives/entry/randomline.php

Yup, that does the trick.


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