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I was wondering why...

... I never saw this image on the Modern Tales front page anymore.


I just looked at it on disk to look up the dimensions (because I'm making a new one), and it turned out that this one was 499 pixels wide. That couldn't possibly be right, but when I uploaded it to Modern Tales, the display software didn't check for the exact width so strictly. The latest version of the software does, and doesn't display the large image in the rotating large image slot if the size isn't exactly 500 * 200 pixels.

Suggestion to image software makers: when people scale an image to a specific size, they usually have a reason for scaling to that size and not another. Do not change it behind the user's back.

Suggestion to Joey of Modern Tales: it may be useful to warn people upon upload or database submission if an image is not exactly the right size, because the software used to make the images can't be relied on.


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