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Studio-mate Jeroen is in for a shock

I have upgraded Opera on the studio computer from version 7.23 to 7.50. As usual with Opera, upgrading wasn't nearly as straightforward as it should be, because existing mail, bookmarks etc. have to be manually imported (as did the registration). Also, the interface has had quite an overhaul and it took me some time to make it look the way I was used to on my own account.

Having done those things (and they're not really difficult, just a lot of busy-work), It's nice and quick. I like the addition of an RSS reader in the mail panel, and the chat client, while feeble compared to standalone chat applications, will do in a pinch.

So Jeroen: Don't panic!

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You are an evil man Reinder. Poor Jeroen.

Hey, I didn't do it on purpose! Opera needed upgrading for various reasons.

Sooo .... you're telling him to not panic using a medium he can only check after teh issues he should not panic about are resolved ?

Ever thought about going into politics ? :)

Actually, he will still have issues. We'll need to do a separate customisation on Jeroen's account. I suppose I could at least import his email but the interface is something I don't want to touch without his instructions because I don't know how he wants it.

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