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A number of blogs and forums I visit now protect their comment sections with CAPCHAs, form fields in which you have to type a number/letter combination displayed in an image above the field, in order to prove you're a human. Allow me to state three things for the record, so you can laugh at me if I change my mind in a few months or so.

1. I fucking hate them.
2. I expect spammers will find a way to defeat them, whether this will be Chinese slave labor or a clever combination of Bayesian filtering to determine whether a form field may be a CAPCHA and OCR.
3. Consequently, I do not intend to use this technology on this weblog right now.

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Actually those images are usually pixelated/filtered/blahed in such a way as to make OCRing really hard. Mind you, there's some that make just seeing the number very hard :)

Slave labour it will be, then.

well there are porn sites that just make their users have to type in what it says for them so they can spam. That was in the news a few months ago.

On the other hand I don't see it as that much of a discomfort to me and it does seem to have some effectivness.


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