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More songs for your continued edification and further delight

After posting those songs in the previous entry, I decided to check if Richard Thompson had weighed in on recent world events. If he has, he hasn't posted the results yet, but I did find this on his website:
Dear Janet.

Thompson's albums tend towards the serious and bleak, but he has lighthearted pieces like this in his live shows, and it is these tracks that end up on his website. It, and I Agree With Pat Metheny, aren't representative of his body of work as a whole. I expect that if and when Thompson writes about current events, the result will be much more stinging and philosophical than the songs in the previous posting, and that they will be part of his next album, just like the title track to Shoot Out the Lights (inspired by Russia's invasion of Afghanistan), "Psycho Street" off Rumour and Sigh (inspired by the Salman Rushdie affair, but far removed from it by the time it appeared on record) and "Outside of the Inside" off The Old Kit Bag, a haunting, scary track exploring the mindset of Islamic fundamentalists. Those tracks take work but they're more than mere throwaways or protests.

(By the way, all the links to Thompson albums above go to Amazon in the US, and I get a kickback if people buy them, or if they continue to browse from them and buy something else. So you can familiarise yourself with Thompson's work, and supplement my income at the same time! Sounds like a deal to me.)


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