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Open ROCR forum thread 1: Maghreid's outburst

Now that The Rite of Serfdom is finally lumbering towards a dénouement, I'd like to solicit input from you, the readers to help me wrap it up as neatly as possible. To start with, remember this outburst from Maghreid?

Maghreid on patriotism

In this forum thread, reader gwalla writes:

Bad time for a rant! Sheesh. As a politician, she should know better than to badmouth the goals of her allies.

Yup, and she's chosen the wrong moment for it too. But I was wondering if any of you regular readers were on to the game Maghreid has so far been playing (which, incidentally, she will have lost as a result of this moment of honesty - even though she echos my own feelings on the subject almost exactly). I know what she's up to but I wonder how much work I need to do to make it clear before the story ends.

So: what variant of the political game do you think she has been playing? Post it in the forum thread, which is open to unregistered guests!


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