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Life drawing!

I hadn't been to the VOIC's monthly life drawing class for some time, but today I really felt like going. It's exhausting but fun and educational... in fact a little too much so. There's always so much to observe, try out and learn that it can get a bit overwhelming.

Today I brought some newly-bought tools: a charcoal stick, some pastel crayons and some graphite pencils. I quickly settled on a routine of drawing most poses twice: once very quickly with the charcoal, to get the overall shape and test where I might have problems; then with a combination of the other tools, paying more attention to detail and shading. It sort of worked-I still suck at drawing from life but the average quality of observation improved a bit. I don't think I got the hang of using colored crayons yet though...

charcoal sketch

The drawing above was the one where the charcoal technique worked best. The lines are almost like writing (except that I tend to drag my hand over the paper while drawing - a bad habit that charcoal immediately punishes). I cleaned the scans up a bit, but otherwise everything is as it is in the sketchbook.

This one has been cropped. I liked the face and chest, but the bottom half was a big mess.

This one hasn't been cropped! I just misjudged the amount of space needed for the head. This happens a lot when I start drawing somewhere else.
Also, I made her look fat as a result of misjudging the proportions in that first sweeping movement to create the contours. Luckily I don't think the model ever saw it, or there would have been hell to pay.

Here, the model is leaning against a wall, which explains the lack of balance in her pose...

This last one shows how much trouble foreshortening in forward-leaning poses gives me. I still like the sketch even though it isn't very accurate. The finished pencil drawing had better foreshortening but turned out a bit bland.

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Try Contes next time. You can experiment with tonal qualities then.


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