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Oh, no, not again!

From the "interface customisation has gone too far" department:

This happens to me every few months or so:

What makes this annoying is that
a) It doesn't seem to serve any purpose for me to be able to drag Paint Shop Pro's main menu to the left and show it at a 90 degree angle
b) I never have any idea what exactly I did to cause it. Presumably I dragged my Wacom pen over the menu in a way that PSP interpreted as a command.
c) I never remember how I fixed it last time, and it always takes me half an hour of tearing my hair out to find a solution in the Help files. Then I spend some more time re-customising the interface the way it was before the incident took place. At the time I post this, it's nearly 2 AM and I can't be bothered to spend half an hour. Besides, my hair is getting too thin for this nonsense.
d) there doesn't seem to be any way to disable it. Or is there?

Argh, argh argh. What were the people at JASC thinking?

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I don't have that particularly program, so this may not work, but in many such programs you simply drag the bar to the window position where you want it. So try just dragging the bar back to the top of the window where it belongs.

Sorry, that doesn't work. At least not if you push the bar's "Handle" so far into the corner that it's off the screen.

Some combination of SHIFT, ALT, CTRL and F4 triggers a reinstall, upon which you have to restore quite a few settings, but then you'll be able to work again.


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