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Cutting down on the Fearless Leader's bandwidth bill

Ken Silverstone's PNGOUT is a great utility for compressing PNG files. It has cut down the PNGs currently in my folder of finished ROCR pages (only about 75 of them because I prune the folder regularly) from 8.5 MB total to 8 MB. These files were already optimised by Paint Shop Pro 8's PNG exporter, which does quite a good job.

I'm now uploading them to Modern Tales' server, in the hope that the change will make a noticeable difference in the loading speed of the latest archives and the amount of bandwidth eaten up by those archives. According to Modern Tales' rules, bandwidth costs come entirely out of owner Joey Manley's pockets, and I'd like the system to be as profitable as possible for him so that he doesn't have to do work on the side.

If you have any problems with the new versions of the image files, let me know.


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