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Mental note re: cycling, freckles and cameras.

Next time I go bicycling with Sidsel, I should take a camera and document the changes to her appearance during the day. I do actually carry a digital camera with me at all times nowadays, but I still haven't got into the habit of taking it out and taking pictures. Too bad, because yesterday, when we went cycling on a fairly sunny day, it was fascinating to look at my Sidsel's face. She doesn't just tan, she sprouts freckles all over her face, and in the space of a few hours her hair went from dark blond to red. Except for the tips, which had been bleached a few months ago - these faded to nearly white as if the bleach had been reactivated. It'll be interesting to see how she changes when the sun is blazing at full strength; it was partially clouded most of the time.

Our trip was supposed to take us to Oudeschip in the Northwest of Groningen (where we would check if Pick Fokkens of the comic store Modern Papier was home, and hit him up for coffee if he was), but we ran out of time and went back after taking a break at Uithuizermeeden. I think we did about 50 kilometers.

A few weeks ago we went to the port town of Lauwersoog and back, which was a round trip of about 100 kilometers. I'd say that area was a lot nicer, but this shorter and not entirely succesful trip was still time well spent. I need a new saddle on the second bike though.

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well, thanku Reinder. My hair is not quite red, however, i wouldn't have anything against it if it was. And why should i bleach my hair? i just dyed it, and funny enough, even though you give it a darker colour, when you get in the sun it will turn very blond emediately - which i noticed yesterday...
Reinder turned ever more dark during the day, i don't think he ever will burn in the sun... i'm envyous.

It did look red in the late afternoon sunlight. As for the hairdye, I must have misremembered it as bleach. The interesting thing was I didn't notice any difference between the tips and the undyed hair before (although that may be because I was used to it), but it was quite striking at the end of the day.

I do burn, but it takes a bit of work. And it never happens more than once every summer.


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