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Gil-Les! Gil-Les!

Gillesdegeus.tk is a fansite for the Dutch comic Gilles de Geus. Gilles is a humorous historical comic that makes recent Asterix books look like the pale imitations of a once-great comic that they are. Set during the 80 Years' War, it's funny, well-drawn, tightly-written and impeccably researched.It deserves huge success outside the Netherlands as well as inside. However, only one volume has been translated into English so far (as Bryant the Brigand). So even if this unofficial website isn't the best-designed site in the world, it provides a valuable public service by showing the rest of the world a glimpse of what they've been missing these past 20-odd years.

The site also has a page showcasing other comics from the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, but as a result of the URL redirection used, I can't link to that one directly.


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