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I wish there were comments...

Since I last argued against a post on the Probeersel blog criticising the selection of works for the Webcomics exhibit at the Stripmuseum, author René has revisited the topic twice, the first time backtracking a bit (while expressing joy at getting noticed), the second time - after finally seeing the exhibit - commending the selection. Thanks René! I'm afraid I don't follow the work at Probeersel.com as much as I should, so it took me a while to notice.

It would have been easier for me if I had implemented trackback links on archived postings (I'll get to that in a minute), but I do have a tip for René: get some sort of comments functionality, so people like me can say "Thanks" and "Aw, shucks", right there on the blog instead of in our own blogs where the thanks and awshucksing will languish unnoticed for weeks :)

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You mean you're not constantly keeping an eye on our site and blog and hitting F5 every three seconds ? GEESH, why are we all working so hard then ? ;) ;)
Yes, yes, you're absolutely right about the comments, I should update the blog's template n stuff, but I just went for a very quick template and haven't taken the time to change it into a GOOD one. Will have to make some time for that I suppose..

I suppose what really *would* come in handy is a RSS feed. I'm really dependent on sucking at the big ol' teat that is RSS.

René van Densen:

We have one ! Blogspot generates 'em anyway so I didn't bother to switch it off:


René van Densen:

Annnnnd we switched on the comments.


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