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I want my, I want my, I want my MRLP

In the UK, the Monster Raving Loony Party used to be a good lightning rod for the disaffected. They could vote for a party that consisted of harmless nutters who were in it for laughs (or maybe that should read "critics wishing to expose the inherent sillyness of the political process"), safe in the knowledge that if they had any sensible policy, it would be by accident (but it would become law in 20 years time).
Since the death of its charismatic and fearless leader, Screaming Lord Sutch ("His views on whether there should be more than one Monopolies Commission also gave many pause."), the party has never been the same.

Without a leader who has Sutch's charisma, vision and sheer barking madness, the MRLP is spent. So who should replace him? Post in the comments.

And be nice. Don't say "Tony Blair".

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Charles Kaapjes:

The three main policies of the Croydon OMRLP are:
Withdraw from the European Union
Introduce Proportional Representation by Single Transferable Vote (STV)
Preserve, Protect and Strengthen the Monarchy

That sounds waaaaaaaaay to serious!

Oh, and I didn't end up voting for Martin Gaus... I thought writer/artist Jan Wolkers more worthy of my vote. Gots to stand by your colleagues...

Well two out of three are completely and utterly loony.

How about the Conservatives? Their policies make no sense whatsoever.

I haven't really followed the evolution of the Tories under their leader of the day. What I have noticed is a degree of opportunism wrt the war in Iraq, but even then I wouldn't know what their current platform is.


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