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Whinging UKIP idiot makes reinder go librarian-poo!!!

Listening to news and current affairs radio is a bad habit that I should lose. A few minutes ago I heard a report by the station's UK correspondent sampling opinions from voters for the UK Independence Party. Asked why they voted UKIP, one voter had the gall to reply "I don't want to be in a totalitarian regime"!
Excuse me? Excuse me? Have you been arbitrarily arrested lately? Denied Habeas Corpus? Tortured, perhaps? Disenfranchised? Barred from travel, denied access to outside news sources?
A month ago, 10 countries that, less than two decades ago, had totalitarian regimes were finally allowed to be part of the EU, a prize that the democratic governments of these countries fought hard to qualify for. Several other countries including Turkey are still grasping for that brass ring, and one stumbling block for Turkey is its human rights record, which it is trying to improve just so it has better chance of joining. If any of these countries thought they were joining a totalitarian regime, would they bother?

There is a lot wrong with the EU. Improvements can certainly be made to the democratic representation and accountability. Some of the money that goes to the EU is very badly spent - the world would become a better place quickly if its agricultural subsidies were scrapped, for example. But anyone who seriously claims it's a totalitarian regime has is something very badly wrong with them.

And if totalitarianism offends you at all, UKIP is about the last party you should vote for. Here's what Johann Hari had to say about the UKIP:

Searchlight even alleges that UKIP's current national chairman and one of its leading candidates, Mike Nattrass, has been a member of the extreme right, pro-Apartheid, pro-Rhodesia New Britain Party.

UKIP boasts that it now requires all candidates to declare they are not racists. Yet they don't seem to try very hard to make sure these anti-racist declarations are accurate: Private Eye recently provided a summary of the public racism of UKIP's new star recruit, Robert Kilroy-Silk. "Pakistanis want to generate hate ... but then what else can we expect from Pakistan?" he asks. Iraqis are "not worth the life of one British soldier, not one. All they seem to do is moan, incessantly, about their lack of amenities". He raves against "pushy blacks" and "talentless Asians", and suggests that asylum- seekers should be "herded together" by the paras and "dumped on a secure slow boat to ... wherever".

Yup, liberal democracy is in great hands with these people.

[Update and addition: I suppose the BNP and RESPECT don't look to great either, from a humanitarian, anti-fascist angle. But RESPECT is a bit of a joke, and the BNP are, well, the BNP. They're not going to get to third place in the UK Euro elections like the UKIP are likely to do. ]


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