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Writing the Trial, part 4

Getting there now. I've got the order in which witnesses appear, I've got a good sense of the space in which things will take place, I've got tactics for the prosecution to follow with each witness, and I've sent copies of the draft scripts to trusted writers for criticism. Tomorrow I'll start sketching out the first few pages, and drawing the first page of the trial. There are some gaps but they occur late in the sequence. I expect I'll be able to fill these in while also working on the first couple of pages.

I'm still developing it at a visual level. I just took half an hour to design a fitting Statue of Justice. I toyed with the idea of using the Lady Justice at the US Department of Justice in her un-burqa'ed glory, but abandoned that when I realised that, judging from the pictures I could find online, it's just not a great sculpture.

I did some very quick research into the origins of the iconography of Lady Justice (nothing deeper than just clicking on a few web links I had in front of me anyway), and then decided it might be more fun if I created my own iconography, unrelated to the Ancient Greek and Egyptian symbols that make up the image of justice in Euro-American culture. The Gnomian Lady Justice is a humanoid female brandishing a sieve and... one other attribute, and is accompanied by a cormorant. She is emphatically not blindfolded.

I won't show a jury, but the lawyers will argue and object as if there was one, because it's just too much fun that way. I'll just have to highlight the fallibility of the panel of judges instead.


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