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Writing the Trial, part, uh, 5, I think: Don't do what I did.

Contrary to what I wrote earlier, I'm not quite done mapping out the events that will take place at the Trial. The problem is this:
When I started work on The Rite of Serfdom, I estimated that I could tell the whole story, including the improvised bits I like to do, in 60 to 100 episodes. Within that framework, the trial would be merely the aftermath of the big important things that happened earlier in the story - to wit, the double quest. The way it actually turned out,though, is that the story is now edging towards the 250-mark, the two climaxes of the double quest came out at a 60-episode distance from one another, and there's already been quite a long ebb since the second of those climaxes. So the rhythm dictates that the Trial becomes a climactic event in its own right. And that means that it should become more dangerous than the two preceding high points, which, as the astute ROCR reader will remember, were when Jodoque got his head chopped off and when Ottar was killed in a magical battle (he got better). That's ... hard to follow.
I've been talking this over with Geir, who has bailed me out before, and we're working towards a solution.

(spoilers below the fold - scroll past the image to read on)

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We've discussed the introduction of surprise witnesses and the strengthening of the danger of the trial by emphasising what Kel stands to lose. The second part of that is easy; all I need to do is overcome my fondness of Kel and my reluctance to let anything seriously bad happen to her. The first part though... I'll need to do some serious thinking about that. Who could fulfill that function and what would he or she have to say about this?

Not to turn this into communal writing, but your comments as readers are invited, provided you promise not to sue me if the solution I choose resembles what you propose:)


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