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Best 100 British?

The always excellent Naked Maja counters the Observer's list of 100 best British records with a list of his own.
The point of reading these lists, of course, is to go through them and test how good your taste is by checking off records that you actually own. By the Maja's standards, I'm doing appallingly badly, with only 4 records from his list in my collection. The Observer's list flatters my taste a little more, allowing me 7 matches, but on the other hand, that list has not just two Radiohead albums but two Oasis albums on it, which ought to tell you something about how seriously we should take that one.

So go on, go through these lists, and tell me how good your taste is. And if you'd care to guess which of those albums on either list appear in my collection, be my guest.

Yes, I'm a nerd about music. Shoot me.

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I own 10 (Observer) and 5 (Maja) (largely due to having a few Nick Drake albums lying around :-)
[Having no beatles or stones albums helped a lot in a negative way as well]

That said, I think I can name a few of the albums you own :-p

Amazing how many Smiths & Joy Division albums made it on the Observer list.

Also I was a bit amazed by the inclusion of both debut albums by Portishead & Tricky (2 points for me though :-))

You're correct on the Nick Drake front. Every mention of a Drake album on either of the lists is a match for me, accounting for, IIRC, 3 of the 11 matches on the two lists.

There's one other that you know I have, and quite a few that I know you have...
So guess, already!


Didn't want to spoil it for the others :-)
Kate Bush seems a logical choice
The Linda & Richard Thompson one maybe?


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