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Now that you mention it, they'd been pretty quiet lately

Norman Geras reports that one of my favorite political blogs, Harry's Place, has vanished from the earth along with its host, Bloghouse, which must house a lot of blogs, because it has blog and house in the name. Eep!

This is a bit like the disappearance of Dave Winer's weblogging service a few weeks ago, only in this case the host's flesh-and-blood owner has also disappeared.

Norm says Harry

doesn't know if they have any chance of recovering the material but it looks very much as though they may have lost everything.

I'd help, but all I have is the RSS summaries of the past few weeks. No full posts on disk, alas.

(via Socialism in an Age of Waiting who are also sort of MIA, but that's only because they've decided to concentrate on the waiting and leave the socialism for a rainy day. And they heard the news from The Virtual Stoa. Yes we're learning to be thorough about our sourcing practices here at Waffle.)

Update: Of course, Archive.org has quite a bit of material.


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