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Color-blindness filter!

Via Comixpedia:

The Wickline Color Blindness Filter allows you to test how your web page or image looks to a color blind person. Useful, but also entertaining, as these sample ROCR pages will show:
(large images below the fold)

Protanopia (red/green, no red cones)

Deutanopia (red/green, no green cones)

Tritanopia (blue/yellow, no blue cones)

Low cone function

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René v D:

Interesting. I tried it out on the Probeersel page and several of my most colourful comics and must admit in some of the filters I don't see the difference. Which only confirms that it works because I have a variation of colourblindness-types, myself.

Reinder, are you still using the GIMP? The new versions, 2.0.x and higher, have colour blindness filters built in.

I haven't downloaded a new GIMP in a long time, to be honest. Most of the work is now done in Paint Shop Pro. I only use GIMP for little tricks that I can't easily do in PSP (Tomorrow's episode was Semi-Flattened in GIMP) and for editing images at home.


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