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The loneliness of the ultra-short distance hobbler

I was never much into sports as a kid, but I took to it more as an adult. I think it's being able to decide the time, occasion, pace and the actual branch of sport myself that does it. However, my lack of training in childhood has left my adult body ill-prepared for any real activity.

One sport I took to a few years ago was running. As it turned out, I had quite a bit of energy, lung power and even leg muscle in my late twenties, so when I joined a running club for group training, I found myself keeping up a pretty good speed. And so it only took me weeks to wreck my left knee. My last real training session with the group ended with me feeling an excruciating pain in the back of the knee, and when I returned to training a few weeks later, the pain came back faster even though I was much more careful.
I've now given it several years worth of rest. I'm not sure that there's anything medically wrong with the knee (the doctor couldn't find anything), but the pain still comes back so rest isn't helping.
Plan B is for me to carefully build up strength and resilience by running very short distances at a slowish pace, stretching often and stopping before the pain starts. The problem is that the knee will start hurting long before I even break a sweat, so I feel like a bit of an idiot for going out and jogging 700 meters at an octogenarian's pace. That's been stopping me in the past two years, but I do intend to keep it up. If I get up early in the morning and do a quick hobble without there being any people in the streets to notice that I'm taking only a few minutes before being back in my apartment, I may be able to make a habit of it this time. Assuming that the problem doesn't get worse.

If it does, I'll just have to switch to cycling. That's also nice, but it doesn't even feel like a sport if I cover less than 40 kilometers, so it will be very time-consuming.


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