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Fearless Leader explains, again, for uneducated masses

A while ago, I promised to write a long report on recent developments in webcomics. I still haven't got around to doing that, but while you're eagerly waiting for it, read Joey Manley's most recent thoughts on the matter:

Consider the fact that several webcomics (Sluggy Freelance, Penny-Arcade, and PvP, just to name three) can boast documented audience sizes that rival -- or blow out of the water -- the audience for a typical Marvel or DC comic book.

"Sure, they're popular," you may say. "But they're giving it away. Of course they're more popular."


Let's imagine a situation where an unknown rock band could put out an album online and have more listeners than whoever's at the top of the pop charts.

Can't imagine it?

Neither can I.

Even giving away their work, that band wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting even close to the popularity of this week's Top Ten flavor of the month.


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