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On the shelf

Last week a writer I know asked me to create a comic with him. A spot was opening in the university paper, and he assured me, with our combined talents, we'd have a pretty good chance of getting the job. The spot was for a three-panel gag strip, something I'd never done before, so there lay quite a challenge for me. After a couple of days I managed to come up with this:

I was quite pleased with the result, especially since I had only two days to come up with it.

Unfortunately the writer had also approached another artist, whom he at first couldn't reach. And ofcourse he got the job...

So now it'll rest on a shelf, waiting for another opportunity. At least it will look allright in my portfolio.

I won't bother to translate the joke, especially since it isn't that funny anyway...

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And that's just the finished product! The character sketches are even nicer!


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