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CRFH influence

Kel talking Traces of Maritza Campos of College Roomies From Hell in this detail from Friday's ROCR comic. People, especially artists, outside the webcomics world are often baffled by the success of CRFH, because they can't get over the technical faults in the artwork. But Maritza's art is actually highly skilled in those areas where it counts, such as effectively conmmunicating facial expressions. In my sketchbook, I've often spotted the influence of her way of drawing faces, and it's worming its way into the finished art as well.

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I consider characters to be much more important in a comic than artwork, and Maritza's always been highly effective at conveying character. The same applies to Chris Crosby's Superosity, and Andy Weir's Casey and Andy; you can nitpick details in the art all day long, but the essential *character* comes across and is very appealing.

Particularly Blue. Rowr.

That's the spirit! Maritza rocks. Actually her technique is getting better as well.


Indeed it is -- and even at her "worst" it was far better than I can do myself, so I wouldn't complain in any case.

All of the strips with "bad" art tend to improve over time; there's a lot of truth to the old "practice makes perfect" saying. Do something every day for a couple of years, you'll get better at it.

Thank you very much, guys! :)


Au contraire -- thank *you*!


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