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Dangerous and Fluffy - a detail

As you can see in this somewhat small detail from next week's Dangerous and Fluffy, Jeroen has chosen to use black lines around his characters, thus connecting himself with an ancient tradition that goes from Woodcuttings and even before through the cartoons of Leonardo Di Vinci to such respected comics as Li'l Abner, Krazy Kat, Peanuts*, Bruno the Bandit, and Digger.

Of course, other, far inferior options exist, such as coloured borders, computer modelling of the characters, even (god forbid) sprite comics, with their foul original sprites.**

Yes - Evil lies all around us in the form of these blasphemers, but we at Dangerous and Fluffy will stamp them out with our hobnailed boots, overcome them with sheep, and squash them with leaping kangaroos! Mwahahahaha!

* Every article about comics MUST reference Peanuts, even though Calvin and Hobbes is actually far superior.

** We shall not mention the comics that do not have original sprites. They scare us.

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Should have known better than to give the monkeys the key to the asylum.



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