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Modern Tales sites down

At the time of writing (11.37 GMT) Modern Tales and it's affiliates seem to be down.
Do not panic: we'll do that for you.

[Update by Reinder: It's almost 4 PM, CET, now, and the sites are still behaving badly. Talkaboutcomics.com returns a download prompt for a *.php file after a very long wait, and Modern Tales is also kinda sorta responding. I think the PHP engine at the server farm is down causing PHP programs to not be interpreted. But my opinion is not to be trusted.

Update 2 by Reinder: Joey Manley reports that whatever it is it is serious. He has two solutions for the problem, one quick and dirty one and one that is more structural but more time-consuming. In any case, he expects to be working on it all weekend]


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