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Modern Tales Outage: Sod's law at work?

Let the record show that I made an effort to promote my work and something disastrous happened soon after. Usually Sod's Law works more in a tit for tat manner: I post a press release on a few high-profile sites and Keenspace, which hosts the ROCR home page, collapses under its own weight within hours. This time it took a bit longer; I can think of two reasons.

1) the site affected is Modern Tales, which is more stable (usually) than Keenspace, and
2) the promotional technique I was trying to use was more crafty than just posting a few press releases. I had just integrated the blog into the Modern Tales pages the dual goal of improving communication with my readers at Modern Tales and increasing the reach of the blog itself, which I would use, in the long run to promote ROCR elsewhere. It was a long-term sceme, so Sod's Law answered it with a slower-moving crisis.

If the Modern Tales server isn't up by Monday, I will leave the old pages up on ROCR.net for a little longer. Actually, that won't be too hard, since I comply with the rule in my contract about not keeping the pages available elsewhere by cleaning old stuff up periodically. All I need to do is to add a link to the previous comic on the front page so it's easy to find.

And on Sunday, I'll post a little preview of Monday's comic. That was part of my evil masterplan, and I'm not going to stop doing that just yet. Sod's Law can just go Cheney itself.


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