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A farewell to chickens

Jean-Pierre the roosterWhat a handsome fellow!
This fellow may have been the model for the character of Jean-Pierre

I recently found out what had become of the chickens that used to have the habit, during the summer, of coming into my backyard at 6 AM to wake me up and steal my berries. Their owners, who live in a squat nearby, are preventing new chicks from being hatched so the flock is dying off naturally, and I'm afraid it's happening rather fast (at least I don't think the squatters kill and eat the adult chickens. There are always some people in a squat who object to that sort of thing).

Right now there are only two roosters and three hens left. I'll be sorry to see them go. I'd got rather fond of them (except at 6 AM).
On the plus side though, more berries for me, even though the growing conditions this year have been abysmal.


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