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Panels from my other comic

Floor and Mike hanging out

Floorseizoen4-panel1.png Two panels from the second installment of season 4 of Floor, my comic for Hello You. In the morning I will reduce the orignals on a photocopier, scan the copies (I prefer doing that over making partial scans and digitally splicing them together) the scans, digitally clean them, correct a few dozen errors in the inked art, reposition the figures in some panels, add digitally-drawn backgrounds to those same panels with PSP 8's vector tools and make 1-bit image files to send to the editors and the colorist. From the colorist they go back to the editorial team, where by then, the lay-out people should have a quick preview by me indicating where the text should be positioned. I am going to be more conscientious about supplying these previews this year, because the letter positioning is often done wrong. I know that this is a risk, and it's my name on the byline, so it's my responsibility if it happens.

Until then, though, the art is all mine, mine, mine. It'll be months before the kids see it. Actually, I'm itching to color these pictures myself just to see how it looks with my own palette instead of that of Marjorie van Doorn, the colorist.

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Michiel Prior:

Marjorie van Doorn! Whoo-aaah! I used to be a huge fan of her artwork when I read 'Okki' as a kid. It's good to hear that she's still around somewhere.

Best regards,


She's still working for "Okki" as well, or at least she was last season.


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