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I aten't dead

Sorry I haven't written much on the blog. I actually had quite a few things I wanted to write about, but they were all long, comparitively thoughtful things that I'd have needed to take time for, as opposed to just writing up a link with a quote and a comment. Instead of doing that, I decided to work as hard as I could on the comics, so I'd stay ahead and be in a position to take a quick break or two as soon as the weather improves. (It's moved to the soul-destroying drizzle stage, which I find the most depressing of all).

I have just uploaded the comics for next Monday and Wednesday, putting me (narrowly) three updates ahead. I have also been looking at Bitpass again. It's been almost a year since I abandoned my plan to make Courtly Manners available as a Bitpass feature, and while I still don't think it's worth the work to publish only that comic that way, I've been thinking about making more comics available as Bitpass comics. That way the work would become routine and the Bitpass section would be more attractive from the start. I'm undecided though. Like with many other business/publishing models, I don't think I have the reader base to pull it off succesfully. Maybe I should publish more material for free to attract readers before even thinking about adding more for-pay comics.

I have got my tax refund for 2003, and I may spend some of that on promotion. Even if I don't, I will start doing more work to promote ROCR in the very near future. It's long overdue.


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