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Hold off on the tort reform until Geir and I have raked in our millions, please.

Geir just emailed me a link to the website for George Lucas' forthcoming Sky Captain movie. This is what White House in Orbit would look like if it had a mega budget and some actual creative talent at its disposal. Even the character names are similar! "Polly Perkins"? From now on that will be President Samuel T. Perkins' wife's name.

Professor Buttumsup is still a lot cooler than "Dex" though.

Anyway, we're contacting our lawyers and as soon as we find one that isn't afraid of being eaten alive by George Lucas' lawyers, or his neck, vengeance will be OURS! Muahahaha!

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Tart reform? I'll have my tarts unreformed thank you. Some people just go too far. hmmmph.


Think Shieldbiter & Shieldbiter will take the case? Seems like Fafnir may be our best bet, the way Kel's case is progressing...

Tart reform usually requires extensive cosmetic surgery, stuffing and mounting. So I'm definitely opposed to that. Yuk!

I'm actually looking forward to that movie.

So am I, really. It looks like it'll be fun to watch.


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