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Must... resist... lure... of... Great Escape!

Over at the Keenspace Forums, people are discussing another Great Escape. The Great Escape was the biggest webcomics crossover ever, organised by the sick mind of Damonk, and put into place by the computer-stained fingers of Damonk. It was one of the most hair-raising things I ever did as a cartoonist. I was teamed up with Glych of No Stereotypes, Scrubbo of Silly Cone V and Pam of Purple Duck Mambo. Despite Glych being overworked and Pam having trouble finding the time when real life was interfering, we completed our sub-section of the crossover story, only to find that it started breaking almost at once. The day we were supposed to launch, Keenspace, which at the time hosted all of us, went on a multi-day outage. In the months after that, Damonk's site which served as the hub for the event, was eaten by another server failure, and still hasn't been fully reconstructed. Then Glych and I both moved to Modern Tales, breaking the continuity. There has been occasional discussion of ways to make our archived material available on a central location so that everyone could read it without going "Huh?" or at least going "Huh" in any other way than we intended, but nothing ever came of it. The thing has been a constant headache since August 2001.

And yet...

Even though the consensus in our sub-group was "that was fun, let's never do it again", the idea of doing it again now seems strangely alluring. If we can Murphy-proof it while still having a story idea that is fun to do, I would probably want to take part in a Memorial Edition of the Return of the Son of The Great Escape. My big question, though, is, who'd be crazy enough to organise it? Who has Damonk's mad knowledge of the online comics world?


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