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Note to punksters

I just saw The Apers at Vera Groningen as part of Vera's series of summer gigs. In these gigs, well-known underground bands get to play cover sets of a band of their choice. The Apers did a great job with their set of Rip-offs covers, but kind of lost me when they started playing a mix of their own songs and classic punk repertoire after that. Their presentation is energetic, they have a powerful sound and they know their stuff, but there's only so much punk I can take in a single evening before I want to hear something else. No punk group should be allowed to play 35 songs in an evening no matter how short the songs are.
So I left them without hearing them play "The Ace of Spades" which people in the audience were calling for. Bummer. I hate walking away from a good band.

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I'd beg to differ, I think it depends on the band. Take for instance the Minutemen,I could listen to 35 songs from them ... well if D Boon was still alive, hell their best album clocks in at about 45 songs. So as I said, it depends on the band.


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