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Help Maritza color

Maritza Campos has carpal tunnel syndrome and wants a drawing tablet so she won't have to color with the mouse anymore. Good choice, and a worthy cause to donate a bit of money to. I've found, based on my own long term carpal tunnel/RSI experiences that working with a tablet makes the difference between coloring with relative ease for long sessions with no lasting ill effect, and becoming completely crippled in the arms.
However, the difference is already made with a $100 Wacom Graphire, and it's not strictly necessary to switch to the solution that Maritza has got her eye on, a $1700 Cintiq 15x. I'm not sure the extra $1600 makes that much extra difference. Not that I begrudge her a really nice tablet; it looks really useful, productivity-enhancing and generally nice if you can get it. In fact I donated a bit of money before writing this up. I'm a fan, and I'm all for hitting up on your fans for the means of production as one of webcartooning's few perks. But the medical case can be served much more cheaply.


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