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Crashing and burning, hard.

Completely contrary to my cycling post of two days ago I now feel like shit. I'd been trying like mad to work ahead to be able to go on a two-week sailing holiday, but yesterday evening I finally broke down and realised that I was driving myself around the bend to produce a page or more a day and get all my other stuff done, and that that was exactly the wrong way to approach a vacation. Plus I'd have to get straight back into scramble mode the day after my return. Fortunately I hadn't actually booked anything (yes, it would have been very last minute) so I could cancel it without worrying about the cost except in terms of embarrassment towards all the people I told I was going.

It was the right decision. I can tell because I felt overwhelming relief after calling it off. However, what with the pressure coming off so abruptly, I'm a bit demotivated and deflated. I'll probably lose a day's worth of work anyway as a result.

All is not lost, though. I have a much healthier buffer than I used to have, I've proven to myself that I can still work fast and produce decent ROCR pages (only the one I made yesterday is sub-par. Dunno if anyone else will notice but I don't like it), and I've been telling so many people that I'm interested in sailing that I'm sure opportunities to give it a try will come my way.

And I'm going to do other fun things instead. I'm gonna have fun, dammit! I'll go cycling a few more times, visit Geir in Norway (I'll book the flight this week, once I've coordinated with him. Thanks to my preparations I've found out that Basiqair operates some affordable Scandinavian services) go to parties and do my work and stuff in a relaxed fashion. Not as good as the sailing looked when I was thinking about it, but the cost in added stress will be a lot less.


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