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Loxie and Zoot guest comic

Kel, ready to paaaaaaahr-tay! I did a guest comic for Loxie and Zoot on the occasion of the comic's first anniversary on Keenspace (and the 7th anniversary of the comic's first appearance). The comic is running a Birthday Party storyline right now, in which characters from many webcomics show up to celebrate at the title characters' naturist resort.
I've known Stephen, the artist, online for some time, and I'm glad to see that having the comic on Keenspace has revitalised it and brought it many new readers! He has another comic, Magellan, on there as well now, which I recommend the Graphic Smash people to look into because the combination of superheroes and a European-inspired clear-line style is very appealing and the writing is really strong.

A personal note on the guest art: I hated it when I was drawing it, but I found that most of the problems I had with it went away when I put some flat colors, mostly cloned from one of Stephen's comics, on the art. Flat color has the effect of solidifying shape and can actually make less-than-stellar drawing look good. The more plastic, shaded color I've been using for the past few years, on the other hand, needs good drawing to work at all, which is why I'm often disappointed.

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and a great and wonderful guest comic it is too, reinder - many thanks!
(and wow, thanks for the nice words on magellan! :D )

Branko Collin:

BTW (and totally OT), I walked into a library the other day, and noticed a Hello You. It included a Floor in which Floor finally declared her love. I thought it was a good comic, because it progressed the background story, but at the same time was very funny in its own right.


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