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Arr... well, it looks like I may have gotten the script to Jeroen a bit late, and I haven't seen him all today. I'm a bit worried about whether we'll be able to update properly, but, happily, I have a lot of the original sketches he did before the comic started, and if all else fails, I can make an update with them.

Basically, the problem was that I knew I had my grandmother's memorial and various other things coming up, and made appropriate allowances. What I didn't expect was to not get any work done during the family reunion that surrounded the memorial, nor did I expect to suffer from really horrible jetlag on my arrival back.

However, we're near the end of a chapter. There's only three scenes left to be done, and all of them are terribly visually complex, and I only got scripts to Jeroen on Thursday because of the aforementioned Jetlag (well, actually, he had one of them on Wednesday, but it was the strip that should rightfully go after the next one.)

...In other words, I goofed. Ah, well. First major goof since the comic started.


P.S. Will update once I track down Jeroen and learn more.


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