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I've been had!

Is there no honesty left in the world?
A friend of mine is currently on a two month trip in Peru. Being tall, blond and by Peruvian standards very wealthy, you sort of expect people to try and rip you off now and again. This indeed happens quite a lot. Usually if you pay attention you can prevent being overcharged for every and all things. Still, she was less thrilled when her bag got stolen when she fell asleep in a bus...
But this is another continent! I live in the First world, Europe, the Netherlands.
Clean healthy living, surely you can expect not to get ripped off every purchase you make? Not so! Fixing up my racing bike, no doubt inspired by Reinders' bicycle adventures, I discovered I needed a new front wheel. Off I go to one of the main bicycle stores in Groningen and buy said wheel. At home I spend about an hour trying to get the tire around the rim and wondering why it doesn't fit. In between fixing a flat for three ladies passing by. Do I accept their reward money? Of course not! That's how I was raised, and in a society such as ours, I see no reason not to be kind and help a stranger.
The people at the bicycle store think otherwise. When after an hour I still couldn't fit the tire around the rim, I began to suspect it wasn't me bungling, it may just be the wrong wheel. As it was almost closing time I went to a nearby bicycle shop (yes, there is one on every corner here). "You've been had laddie!" this man told me. You've been sold a 27" wheel. It is an odd size and you'll be buggered if you can find a tire that fits it." It also turned out I paid twice the amount the wheel was actually worth. Ofcourse then it was too late to go back to the other shop, so now I'm stuck with an incomplete bike and I can look forward to do some shouting first thing monday morning. Yay!

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I've never had a very high opinion of Ferwerda's meself. So, did you do the shouting?


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