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I've installed MT-Blacklist

This is the place to test if legitimate comments get through. Post away! Any old nonsense will do, even Republican talking points.

Update, Sep 14, 2004: this entry now seems very popular with real spammers, so I'm ending the test and closing the topic. First topic I've closed since installing MT-Blacklist. I was rather hoping I wouldn't have to do that again...

Comments (10)

The Republican party is the party of peace, justice, security and viagra.

Hmmm... Viagra passes through it. How about levitra?

"Blowjob" as part of a domain name was caught.

But as a word, it was not. Good. Now, about all that gay porn on offer?

Reinder, you're an arse (or ass, as the Americans and/or Dogberry would say), and I'll be buggered if I try to slip harmless words into this comments. It might offend the little bewhiskered fases of my pussies. Whiskers, the fat pussy, is sleeping to the right of me. Gwynneth's sleeping atop the monitor. Sleipnir's puring at my manly thigh, with the thews that could crush thouse who ... well, I'm not quite sure. I'm not sure where Russie is.

Make money fast! http://snabba.pengar.nu/

There's a Perl warning message leaking through at the bottom of the preview page: "MT::App::Comments=HASH(0x8155764) Use of uninitialized value in sprintf at lib/MT/Template/Context.pm line 1187."


Talking to yourself is said to be a sign of impending mental collapse.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm the only son of a deceased African dictator, and I have $30,211,515 that I'm just dying to share with somebody who will pretend to be my maiden aunt?

Well I wanted to have this system tested properly, you see...

It's nice how we're always in agreement.


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