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They have nothing to do right now, so they swarm all over the place to eat sugary food, drink beer and pick fights. That's as normal a behaviour for wasps as it is for teenagers, but is it my imagination or are the little striped bastards more than usually annoying this year?

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if they start licking your toes I'd call the cops.

That's not against the law, you know?

René van Densen:

It's definately a heat thing: the summer started earlier this year. Wasp season used to be in September predominantly and now they've been in our faces since halfway July. Yay for the climate changes !!....

On the plus side for myself, I live in a forest-y environment and while they're nesting, wasps can be fairly common there but now they're mostly in the heart of the city and around waste dumps etc. so we're a lot less bothered with them now than usual.


Climate change? Bah. Up here June and July were unusually cold, but did that stop the wasps? To the contrary. And now that we've finally got summer temperatures, they're partying day and night.

No. Must have something to do with the enlarged Schengen area. Hordes of new wasps can now cross the borders without applying for a visa, of course.


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