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Hyperlinking in comments

I'm still waiting to see how MT-Blacklist turns out. I've already got some comment spams that passed through it, but adding them to the blacklist, both by URL and by IP was easy enough.

If I can keep the comments clean of spam, I will liberate them. I will enable hyperlinking, HTML bold and italic tags and images. But only if I'm absolutely sure they won't be abused. It will be a golden age!

Meanwhile, a quick note on my editing policy. Because English is my second language, I occasionally make minor changes to my own blog entries to improve the wording. I reserve the right to do this for my comments as well (and would encourage those who have blog contributor accounts to do the same). However, I will only do this in the first week or so after I've made a post. Any grammar, spelling or semantic goof that still exists after that stays where it is for all to see.


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