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Working from home

Because it was too hot to work in the studio yesterday, I drew an ROCR page at home, and because it was raining today and I'm paranoid about taking my originals outside when it's raining, I did the coloring at home as well, on my linux machine, in the GIMP version 1.3.
In both cases, this resulted in less-than-average work done slowly. It's not the tools themselves as much as the need to get used to them again after working with the materials I have in the studio: a slanted table, my good inks, Paint Shop Pro.
I'll draw the line at doing the lettering at home. It'll take me too long to figure out how to make it look like it does in all the other pages. I'm FTP'ing the page to a server to pick it up at the studio and will work on it there.

Evening Update: Going to the studio would have been a good idea if it hadn't been stuffy as the tomb and hot as an oven in there. I'm talkin' instant headache. Even leaving the window, the door and the skylight open didn't help, because it was still over 25 C out there, with high humidity.


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