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Top of the world

I'm an adrenalin based person, I guess. I hardly get any work done if there isn't a deadline looming over my shoulder. I think this neither good nor bad.
I've tried to change to no avail so have in stead decided to learn to live with it. I expect this is rather frustrating for people working with me (sorry Adam), but attempts to change this have miserably failed, and only lead to me not enjoying my work.

In general I don't consider myself a thrill seeker. Though this maybe because I never much realised how much fun it can be. Yesterday I went climbing for the first time in my life. I long suspected I'd probably enjoy it, but just never seemed to get around to actually do it.
I did enjoy it. I loved the thrill of having your life hangin by a thread
(ok, a really strong rope) in the hands of someone you've never had to trust in this way. I loved the sense of achievement of picking a difficult route and actually making it to the top. Hanging by the tips of your fingers and switching the positions of your feet 30 ft above the ground.
What I was somewhat surprised by, though, was that of the 4 persons whom I went climbing with, I seemed to be the only one experiencing this thrill. The others enjoyed it, but seemed surprised by the adrenalin rush it gave me. Reinder actually was rather blasť about the experience ("Oh well, I went climbing before").
I'm not sure what to make of this. Maybe they're less competative then I am, maybe my imagination runs wild, or maybe my sense of an adrenaline rush is somewhat askew.
It nags, though...

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It's because cafeine, endorphine and alcohol are my drugs of choice.
Didn't mean to seem blasť. It's not like I actually got any good at climbing that first time, or that second time. It simply doesn't do as much for me as it does for you.


Ok, the differences in enjoyment I can understand. But I still wonder about the difference in adrenalin deployment. Would that be fun-based then?


Everybody has his/her unique triggers for getting an adrenaline high, it seems. I've heard several comment on how surprised they were at finding this or that activiety made the adrenaline flow more than anything else.


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