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Domain switcheroo

If all goes well, the ROCR.net domain will soon be registered with Go-Daddy. It should work seemlessly, but well, you never know. Some disruption may occur, especially if GANDI choose to be uncooperative.

I got a decent deal out of it. $23 for two years plus one year free. The process so far has been painless although it was annoying to click "proceed to checkout" and be faced with a page full of sales pitches and another "proceed to checkout" button three times! Can you say "bait and switch"? But then, if they're better than GANDI it will be worth it.

I should be getting back to some people on website development and web design issues. Right now, though, the thought of beginning to speculate about the possibility of thinking seriously about maybe possibly doing design-related stuff is having a hard time gaining access to my mind. I'm still refueling...


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