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Wish list!

Speaking of desirable things:
Exactly a month from now, on September 14, it'll be my birthday. I'll turn 33, so I'll probably be a bit sad. Oh, how I long for the days when my head was full of black hair and birthdays were the occasion to make up long, improbable wish lists that my mom would have to trudge halfway through town to even begin complying with!

Well I can't bring my hair back and after looking at pictures from those days I'm not sure that I want to. But I can bring back the joy of wish lists, thanks to Amazon! See my wishlist and if you're feeling kindly disposed to me for bringing you ROCR 3 times a week (or if you're a long lost friend who happens to be reading this after a google search), why not send me an item from it? It will make me less sad.


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