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Irrational Fears

More proof that Ursula Vernon rocks
Looks like the dominant theme for the day has been to plug stuff. Let me finish off with one more:

Irrational Fears, August's Modern Tales Longplay comic, is worth the price of a Modern Tales subscription all by itself. It's by Ursula Vernon, and features a chupacabra representation of herself battling monsters, aided by a dust bunny. It has the same dry humor that makes her fantastic Graphic Smash feature Digger such a joy, and best of all: it's all in color! She's pretty damned good at that too! A must-read.

Shaenon Garritty, Modern Tales Longplay's editor, decribes it as follows:

Ursula Vernon is one of my favorite new webcartoonists. Her fantasy epic Digger, about a resourceful wombat lost in a distant land of Hindu gods, shadow children, and library rats, is frequently and rightly cited as one of the highlights of the Modern Tales sister site Graphic Smash. She also does illustration work for novels and RPGs. All in all, she's pretty amazing.

Which is why I'm tickled six shades of pink by the opportunity to publish "Irrational Fears," a full-length, full-color story which just happens to be Vernon's first completed comic. Thrill as a subconscious chupacabra descends into the depths under the bed to confront our greatest irrational fears! Go, on, thrill! I promise you'll enjoy it.

So that's me, and one of webcomics' coolest cartoonists recommending the work of another one of webcomics' coolest cartoonists. You can't go wrong with this. And if you sign up for this comic, you get to finally read ROCR's archives as well.



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