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Salvaging the day

Colored Courtly Manners 2 panel
Just to feel like I've accomplished something today, I've colored in the first two episodes of the sequel to Courtly Manners, which have been lurking in a folder for a long, long time (here's where the blog starts coming in handy as a memory aide: I posted about this project before on March 8, 2004, and the art was months old then). The flat colors and simple gradients look nice too.

I can color a page of this comic in about an hour this way, and it only takes as long as that because the inking in the original art isn't too good. I must have been looking for a sort of line that I couldn't get, or maybe I was tired or in a hurry. I'm inking much better lately.

I think one contributing factor to the writer's block is that part of me is itching to do something new, not to be locked into one extremely long story and a magazine strip project that has also been going on for three years. Courtly Manners isn't it, but it's still a welcome break from the routine.

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Three cheers! :-)

Geir, how much of the work have you seen, anyway?

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