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Dangerously Fluffy!

I'm not one to "ooh" and "aah" each time a see a cuddly toy. My bed is devoid of bunnies, tiggers and/or bears.
But these cre'atures are different! Down Under comic artist Timmeryn, creator of the Pantheon has in the past already shown to be able to bring life to comic characters with >papier maché. Not very cuddly and most likely annoying to sleep with...
Not so these lovable Rahballs, Fuzzyballs, Dragonballs, Wolfballs and Wee Tiny Balls! I've instantly fallen in love with these little fellows, and would like to add how refreshing it is to see toys, not made and manufactured in horrible sweatshops! Cuddles made with tlc! How rare it seems in these industrial times.
As much as I hate advertising, I do have to say: "Buy one! You know you want one! Support your artists!"


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