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Cold Turkey

Trying to figure out which factors contributed to my lack of mental focus in the past couple of weeks, culminating in my bout of writer's block (which I now think I'm over, but who knows), I've decided to quit drinking coffee for a while. It hasn't done me much tangible good in recent years: I need two stiff cups in the morning just to function as a normal human being; the effect wears out after an hour or so leaving me feeling like my mind is a haze; and both withdrawal and drinking too much of it give me nasty headaches. It's an endless chemical balancing act.

Because I already had a headache anyway, I decided to skip coffee in the morning, and will do without it for as long as I can. So far, it's not that bad; the only effect (apart from the headache which is actually subsiding now) is a strong desire to crawl back into bed. But I might get a bit crabby in the next few days.


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