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Some bad news, some good

Quitting coffee is no fun at all. Even though in recent years I'd cut down to four large cups a day, (from 12 in the early 90s), going from those four to zero has been hell. I spent yesterday evening in bed trying to find a position to lie down in in which my head didn't feel like every brain cell was being ripped apart.

On the other hand, I felt well enough in the morning to go for a little run. Like I mentioned early in June, a knee problem prevents me from doing serious running, but today I got a bit further than the last time. We're still talking about distances in the hundreds of meters rather than kilometers, but doing as much as that without the knee bothering me at all is progress. It must be because the cycling has made me stronger.

Work-wise, the withdrawal is making it very hard for me to do anything, but a Floor script has been mailed out, 8 pages of Courtly Manners 2 are now colored (but not lettered), and the buffer for ROCR is not empty just yet. My holiday plans aren't looking too good right now. I still intend to go to Norway, but it will probably have to wait until September.

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The withdrawal is making it hard to work, but quitting the coffee was supposed to help out the writer's block... maybe you should consider cold-turkeying the cold turkey, Reinder, my man. :)

I read your previous posts, and wish I could have weighed in with a writer's-block-buster suggestion of my own, but, er, unfortunately, my mind went blank.

But I don't believe that coffee is at the root of it, in any case. I once met a very good comic book artist at a con (mid-90s) and showed him some of my art... I asked him about his super smooth line, and his advice in achieving a smooth line was to "quit the coffee". Thing is, I wasn't drinking coffee at the time. So instead, I started drinking coffee and achieved immediate results. I've been drinking coffee ever since.

I can't diagnose you from here, of course. I'm always determining some problem or other. I realized this past week that a current problem is not getting enough sleep... wanting so bad to get extra work done that I wasn't getting the minimum sleep I need, and so as a result I was getting *less* work done.

Good luck, in any case!

Oog, for an "edit" button... I meant to say that "I can't diagnose you from here, but I'm always determing some problem or other with *myself*"

Well I fully expect the withdrawal effects to be temporary. Even with the headache, my mind doesn't seem to be as fogged up as it's been lately. And the severity of the withdrawal symptoms indicates that I had an unhealthy habit that I oughtta quit.

The sleep trap is a known one to me. I never forego sleep for work because I know it doesn't work.


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